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My Background.

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Experience: Entered the health profession in 1967 as a student nurse, has extensive experience in social welfare, cultural and spiritual health, mental health, and counselling. Fourteen years interest and research in Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Community capacity building

Qualifications: BAppHsc (hons); MAE; PhD student; FASD training

Raising the Awareness

NIAFASEN provides a program and workshops that cover the impact of the teratogen alcohol on the developing embryo and foetus, foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, child growth and brain differences.

Receipent of Award from Australian Labour Party for dedication and committment to addressing Foetal alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Australia. 
Has been instrumental in raising the awarenes FASD regarding the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy to both National and State Governments within Australia and  the general public.


Caring for Women, Children and Families